XL Extra Large Classic Floral Rug Carpet Mat (200 x 300)



This huge stylish rug is soft to the touch and a pleasure to walk on in an elegant vintage design that creates a soothing visual effect and boasts a classic luxury style. The exquisite pattern of the rug adds class and style to your home. Perfect for providing a touch of warmth in chilly weather. This beautiful classic floral designer rug is anti-slip and easy to clean. It is comfortable and delightful, creating timeless elegance, perfect for a family-friendly house or areas with high foot traffic, ideal for living room, dining room, or bedroom or study. This classic vintage rug with a beautiful floral pattern is a work of art designed for a luxurious feeling.

  • Comfortable and delightful
  • Innovative colour-printed design
  • Huge in size: 200cm x 300cm 

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