Stainless Steel Water Bottle Double Wall Insulated Drink Cup Flask Sport Thermos

Item Description:
Well-made stainless steel water bottle with LED temparature indicator function. This item is designed as lightweight and easy to carry.
Package Includes:
- 1 x Water Bottle (Colour in Full Black)
Usage Notice:
1. For hygiene and safety purpose, please deep clean the bottle before usage. Please DO NOT soak the LED indicator into the water as it might damage the component. 
2. The indicator displays a high accuracy of the current drinking temperature. However please be very careful when handling hot drink. 
3. The LED indicator battery life varies during the usage. It won't last permanently and cannot be replaced once ends. Please be advised of this feature before placing the order. 
4. Please simply tap the surface of LED indicator to display the temperature. If it doesn't display, please tap it again as the sensor might not detect.
5. Theoretically cold/warm temperature could be maintained for up to 12Hrs. However it might be affected by different factors (Type or volume of drink, Frequency of opening the bottle etc. )

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