Stainless Steel Kitchen Bench Commercial Work Food Prep Table w/Wheel 900x600mm

怐Durable and safe stainless steel怑430 stainless steel, the polished surface has higher rust resistance and corrosion resistance. You can put raw food directly on this kitchen workbench and clean it easily and quickly with a rag or paper.
怐Adjustable shelf and feet怑Equipped with adjustable galvanized steel shelf and 4 steel feet, it can be used anywhere in the house. The black plastic foot cover prevents the workbench from scratching the floor during movement.
怐Easy to assemble and easy to move怑The preparation workbench can be assembled in a few minutes. You can easily move and fix the table using casters.
怐More storage space怑Our kitchen workbench has two levels, this design provides you with enough storage space. It is very suitable for supporting kitchen appliances such as microwave oven, air fryer, juicer and so on on the lower level. The adjustable lower shelf provides additional storage height.
怐Multi-purpose怑Our workbench is suitable for home, business and office environments. It is an ideal choice for kitchens, restaurants, warehouses, hospitals, workshops, bars, and laundry rooms.

Color: Sliver
Material: 430 stainless steel
Thickness: 45mm
Adjustable shelves height: 780mm
Feet material: Plastic
Legs and under shelf material: Galvanized steel
Castor Wheels Quantity: 4pcs/set
Product Size: 600*900*800mm
Packing Size: 98*68*17 cm

Package Content:
1x Stainless Steel Work Prep Bench

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