NEW Australian Bird Metal Wall Art 3D Birds Hanging Home Garden Decor Au Stock

  • Beautiful Australian Birds
  • Perfect for outdoor & Indoor decoration (for Pergola, Window, Shed, Door or Living Room etc)  
  • Made from high quality metal & glass, cut and crafted into 3D shape.
  • Pretty designs with beautiful colours
  • Hole at back for easy hanging
  • Artistic wall art in colourful gift packaging
  • 9 different birds to choose from:
              1. Cockatoo (29.5cm x 21cm) approx.
              2. Superb Parrot (31cm x 24cm) approx.
              3. Rosellas (25cm x 27cm) approx.
              4. Sulphur Crested Cockatoo (30cm x 26.5cm) approx.
              5. Willie Wagtail (29cm x 26cm) approx.
              6. Laughing Kookaburra (26cm x 23cm) approx.
              7. Australian Magpie (31cm x 24cm) approx.
              8. Black Cockatoo (31cm x 24cm) approx.
              9. Wedge Tailed Eagle (50cm x 26cm) approx.

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