Large Faux Cowhide Rug Grey Brown Striped Calf Hide Modern Carpet Washable Rugs

Places of Using this rug :
Living room ,Bedroom, Dining Room, Kitchen ,Office etc.
Examples of using this rug .
Basic Information 
Colors& Patterns :  
CON05 Zig Zag A
CON06 Zigzag B         
Sizes available: 50x80cm,120x170cm,160x230cm,200x290cm,80x300cm
Material: Printed Patterns on Polyester Surface
Item Details 
1.Material:Made of Polyester ,it is a stunning centerpiece .Soft to walk on .
2.Patterns:Range in graphic design with a contrast of light and dark shades.Makes the room rich and modern.
3.Edges:Carefully stitched edges
4.Backing :Integrated rubber backing .A rug pad is recommended for extra softness.
1.Printed Sophisticated Patterns ,full of details and textures.
2.It will lay flat easily with curling edges
4.The is no piling or shedding problem no matter how long it was used .
5.Durable fibers ,perfect for high traffic room. 
6.Machine Washable, just throw it to wash machine which make our life easy.

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