Kitchen Cabinet Storage Shelves Plates Dishes Chopping Board Storage Rack Holder

1. Multifunctional dish rack: Our dish rack can not only store plates, plates, plates, even pot lids, pots, cups, storage bowls, cooking utensils, cutting boards, but also you can use it as a small bowl Drying racks, even mini bookshelves, CD holders. Multifunctional pallet organizer.
2. Space saving and good storage space: The simple U-shaped design of the vertical dish organizer enhances the feeling of a modern kitchen without losing the functions of the storage shelf and organizer, and can make the most of your Storage space. Although it is small, it can hold multiple plates and plates.
3. Superb craftsmanship: made of heavy-duty iron, waterproof coating, sturdy and durable. High-temperature spray paint is not easy to peel off and not easy to rust. The shelf of the cabinet is equipped with a durable rubber protective cover, which effectively prevents slippage and protects the dishes. This means that the plates can be stored and displayed in vertical mode, and the plates can be placed upright without slipping.
4. Wide range of application: suitable for storage of dinner plates, tableware and dishes in families, restaurants, RVs, and campers. Easily organize dinner plates, baking trays, bowls, pot covers, cutting boards, etc. The vertical plate rack is suitable for various casual styles, such as family, restaurant, cafe, etc.


Package Included:


1*Shelf (with protective non-slip cover)

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