Diffuser Fiber Reeds Aromatherapy Oil Replacement Sticks Indoor Home Spa 3*220mm


- Brand New and High Quality
- Size: 3 mm * 22 cm
- Material: 100% Polyester
- Synthetic diffuser fiber sticks with advanced fragrance technology for fragrance diffusers
Made from quality Dacron, a polyester fiber, which is a more porous material to help with scent throw
- Reed diffusers offer an attractive alternative to scented candles in situations where an open flame is not desired or permitted.
- They deliver improved diffusing performance compared with standard rattan/reed sticks.
- They are compatible with both oil base and water base diffuser liquids and designed not to ‘bleed’ color into the diffuser liquid when in use
- An alternative to the rattan diffuser stick that the fiber stick surface is smooth, sleek and straight
- Providing strong liquid absorption for a great scent throw with any compatible fragrance and reed diffuser base

In the Package:

  • -  1 pack Fiber Diffuser Sticks (1 pack = 8 sticks)

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