Bosch 18 V Cordless Vacuum Vac Set Bagless Handheld Portable Without Battery


  • Powerful and mobile vacuuming - Clean both indoors and outdoors – easily take the UniversalVac 18 and clean dirty spots.
  • Accessories for different types of cleaning - Use one tool to clean floors, large or hard-to-reach areas with the UniversalVac 18 and included accessories to tackle a wide range of applications with cordless freedom.
  • An easy-to-clean, long-lasting filter - Clean filters easily due to the flexible frame of the main filter. The vacuum cleaner has high filtration efficiency thanks to the pre-filter which increases the durability of the main filter.
  • Easy-to-read battery status - Vacuum with comfort, knowing the battery status at any time. The cordless vacuum cleaner includes the battery indicator. Vacuum both indoors or outdoors and always know when to recharge the tool.
  • 18V POWER FOR ALL: THE battery for your home - The Bosch 18 volt POWER FOR ALL battery can be used across the entire range of Bosch DIY 18V Power Tools, Garden Tools, and Bosch Unlimited vacuum cleaners. Enjoy cordless freedom outdoors, in the workshop, or in the home moving the lithium-ion battery from one tool to another in no time at all. This saves you money in the long run, as you no longer need to buy further batteries or chargers for other 18V system tools in the Bosch POWER FOR ALL range.

Experience the power and mobility of this cordless vacuum cleaner that cleans even heavier materials with ease. The hand-held UniversalVac 18 comes with extension tubes and a floor nozzle, making it perfect for conveniently cleaning floors. A crevice nozzle makes tight spots no longer hard to reach, and the brush nozzle tackles many different kinds of surfaces swiftly, such as sofas. The vacuum's pre-filter minimises clogging in the main filter, which is easy to clean thanks to its flexible frame. A powerful 18 Volt battery (sold separately) delivers high suction power and cordless freedom to clean any room.

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