8 Stage Water Filter Dispenser Purifier Carbon Stone Benchtop Ceramic Disoenser


Water, water, everywhere…and every drop to drink with the 8 Stage 16L Water Filter.

Forget about empty plastic bottles, forget about empty pockets & rid yourself the hassle of bottled water forever!

This water filtration system is an easy way to enjoy mineral water in the convenience of your home or office. The built-in purifier lets you filter your own water without compromising your health or harming the environment.

Affordable and convenient, the water filter is easy to install and a breeze to clean. It is as simple a tap water filter as you will find online.

The 8 stage filtration system is specially designed to purify your drinking water to the optimum level. The 8 stages assure your water is free of organic contaminants, lead and all bacteria in addition to being softened & pH stabilised. No more germs, no more rust, no more bacteria, no more bad taste, just drinking water at its finest, and for a fraction of the cost of a bottled water addiction.

Discover the benefits of convenient, clean water all of the time. Get this home water filter now and start turning your tap water into pure water. There will never be a reason to go thirsty!

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