Electric UV Mosquito Fly Insect Pest Killer Bug Zapper Trap Lamp Inoutdoor

    • 100% Brand New Hight Quality
    • Mosquito Zapper
    • Material: ABS plastics + stainless steel
    • Colour: Black
    • Voltage: AC220V AU Plug
    • Effective power of lamp: 30W/40W
    • Grid Voltage: 1800-2500V
    • Suitable place: hotel/restaurant/supermarket/exhibition hall/canteen/office/school/kitchen
    • 30W Size: 50x24.5x6CM/40W Size: 65x24.5x6CM
    • Safety, harmless, high efficiency, quiet, energy saving and environmental protection;
    • High voltage power grid, automatic discharge;
    • Two-sided physical trapping, healthy and harmless;
    • UV power supply, energy saving and power saving;
    • 1. To attract mosquitoes by using a special band of 360 degree purple light broadcasting, combined with electric shock to kill mosquitoes, without any chemical additives, odorless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and healthy;
    • 2. Use special Dual fluorescent lamps beads to trap mosquitoes and flies, purple light to trap mosquitoes and flies, soft light, low power consumption, energy saving, environmental protection, green and healthy, long service life;
    • 3. High-voltage grid design, high-voltage electric shock, rapid killing, killing mosquitoes and flies remarkable effect, safe and efficient;
    • 4. Externally, a fully enclosed protective net is added to reduce the potential safety hazards.
    • 5. The bottom removable tray is used to store and collect mosquito and fly corpses for easy cleaning.
  • 1x Mosquito Pest Catcher
    1x Hanging Chain

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