4 Axis CNC 3040 Router Engraver Engraving Milling Drilling Machine DIY 3D Cutter

This 3040 Engraer Is a User-friendly Desktop Engraving Machine for Those with Limited Space and /or a Limited Budget.

The Computerized Engraving and Cutting Machine Is Suitable for Various Materials, Such As Wood, Pmma or Other Plastic,Mdf Board,Native Wood,Pvc,Acrylic, Wood,Composite Board Plywood,It Can Be Used Widely to Process or Make Adverstising Signs,Pcb,

Nameplates,Badges,Seals,Bronzing Plate,Acryplates,Abs Resin Double Color Plate,Pvc Foaming Board,Indentation Plates,Signs,

Construction Models,Instrument Panels,Wooden Products,Etc.

Technical Parameters

Effective Working Travel: 275(X)Mm*385(Y)Mm*57(Z)Mm


Max.workpiece Dimension:70mm

Work Table Dimension:320mm*530mm

Frame Materials:aluminum Alloy 6063 and 6061

Leadscrew:1204 Double Thread Trapezoidal Screws

Driving Units:

X Axis1204 Trapezoidal Screws

Y Axis1204 Trapezoidal Screws

Z Axis1204 Trapezoidal Screws

Sliding Units:

X Axisdia.16mm Chrome Plate Shafts

Y Axisdia.16mm Chrome Plate Shafts

Z Axisdia.12mm Chrome Plate Shafts

Stepping Motor Type:57 Two-phase 1.8a

Spindle Motor:400w Dc Motor 500~8000prm/Min

Principal Axis Collet:er11 / 3.175 Mm

Repeat Accuracy:0.05mm


Control Unit:triaxial One-piece Drive + Ring Variable Power + Pwm Speed

Carving Instructions:g-code/.Tab /.Nc / .Ncc/.Txt

Communication Interface:through Parallel Connection with Computer

Environment:windows Xp/ Windows 7

Maximum Idle Speed:1500mm/Min
Working Speed :50-1500mm / Min (Different Material with Different Speed Settings)

Machine Weight:28kg

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