20x Activated Carbon Filters for Water Distiller Purify Water Remove Compound AU

20x Activated Carbon Filters for Water Distillers

Net weight:6.75g/pack
Weight: approx. 1pcs / 6.75g 
Size: 1pcs / 8*6cm 
Proven to be ideally suited to filter odours, tastes and contaminants from water, activated carbon is a form of carbon that has been processed to increase the porosity of the individual carbon granules giving a larger surface area available for adsorption.
This is an important factor in the adsorption of contaminants as it provides a much better environment for the assimilation of dissolved matter.
This is effective at removing harmful volatile organic compounds VOC’s, one example being chlorine which is often used to treat tap our water.
When added to the finished distilled product creates the best tasting and purest water.

The Activated Carbon Filters fit for those Water Distillers.

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