10Pcs Professional Garden Tools Set Gardening Spray Bottle Pruner Shovel Purple


  • Condition: 100% Brand New high quality
  • 10pcs Gardening Tools Purple
    Product description:
  • EASY TO CARRY -- Environmentally plastic material, lightweight and small. With a molded shell tool box with slots for easy storage and classification.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL -- 10-Piece including rakes ,shovels ,plant rope, shears, secateurs, weeding knife and bottle for irrigating etc. . You can use them to dig, weeding, loosening soil, watering, pruning, transplanting to meet all your requirements for gardening.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN -- Tool handle ergonomic design, soft handle with excellent anti-skid performance, can reduce the arm and arm fatigue, making planting easier and faster.
  • HIGH QUALITY BLADES & TINES -- Tools are made of stainless steel, which are shiny, rust-proof, long lasting, do not snap easily and extremely sturdy. the scissors set a security lock enables you to use more secure


  • 3X cultivator
  • 2X pruning shear
  • 1X  Watering Spray Bottle
  • 1X Trowel Shovel
  • 1X Three Tine Rake
  • 1X Weeding Knife
  • 1X Spade

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